In the heart of Sabile, we follow traditional wine making techniques and authentic skills in fruit processing. Sabiles Cider brewery is now rapidly developing.

The Latvian climate and soil are especially suitable for growing apples, that has allowed us to showcase the unique soft acidity of Latvian apples in our ciders.

Sabiles Cider brewery owners are Circeņu family – Aldis and Baiba. The ancient apple trees found in Sabile have served as their inspiration to set up the first cider factory in the town, as well as exploring historical traditions of the largest cider tasting and producing nations – England and France. 

The passion for cuisine and wine led Aldis and Baiba to the discovery of the beverage that is made from apples – cider. This has proved to be the missing element in the liquor store shelves that would truly compliment a meal made from local produce.



Baiba Circene


“I truly love making cider, starting from picking the freshest apples, all the way to sticking on the label. Already as a child I loved to find out and discover how things are created – how they are produced. I follow all the processes in the cider brewery with excitement to gain confidence and ensure that everything comes out the way it really should. I am pleased when my customers appreciate the cider flavour and the presentation.”