Apple – the symbol of love and beauty – has taken shape in Sabiles Cider as a sparkling, light and refreshing beverage. It is perfect as an aperitif, compliment in various cocktails, and pairing with Latvian cuisine.

Sabiles Cider’s natural flavours and fragrances are the results from our main raw material only using 100% Latvian apples that are made into our delicious cider using traditional techniques. 

Sabiles Cider packaging is thoroughly searched for top quality and selected for ease of use. We use bottles produced in France and corks from Portugal which are a pleasure to use. 

Our labels are also made from a special material that will retain its integrity no matter how it is chilled, so bring on the ice bucket!

Sabiles ciders

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Semi-Dry Apple Cider

Just like a semi-dry wine, this cider is characterised by mild aromatics that leave a light, slightly sweet aftertaste.

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Semi-Sweet Apple Cider

Our semi-sweet cider has an exquisitely fresh aroma with an intense, yet sweet apple flavour. It is sure to keep your conversations flowing…

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Semi-Sweet Apple Black Currant Cider

Our outstanding, characteristic to ROSE wine, orange-pink cider is ideal to be enjoyed by itself. Its light orange-pink hue is achieved by…

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Semi-Sweet Winter Cider

The sweetest of Sabiles ciders revokes memories of Christmas, with the added note of cloves. 

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Sweet Apple Rowan Cider

An exquisite blend of crisp apple, bitter and sweet flavours. Low autumnal notes of rowan complement the clear taste of apples.

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Sidrella is our unique refreshing sparkling cocktail made from the curious blend of our beloved Latvian apple cider, and bittersweet Italian vermouth…

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Hot Cider with Ginger and Oranges

A unique warm, yet bright cider with light undertones of ginger and orange coupled with the freshness of apple aromas.

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Hot Cider with Black Currant and Cinnamon

Aromatic, warm, yet fresh. This cider brings out deep notes of cinnamon and tart black currants.

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Hot Cider with Quince and Cloves

This bright cider is fulfilled with aroma of cloves and quince. It has pronounced taste of quince with very soft and mild taste of cloves.

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